Orca3D commercial design Upgrade Perpetual
  • Orca3D commercial design Upgrade Perpetual

Orca3D Design Commercial standalone Perpetual Upgrade

Orca3D Design Module Commercial Standalone Upgrade Perpetual seat


Naval Architecture in Rhino3D.

Orca3D streamlines the design process with intuitive marine modelling tools inside the friendly Rhino3D environment.

The designer conceptualizes, models, and analyzes his vessel, all without transferring files or learning a new program. Orca3D provides tools to create and fair a hull form but also appendages, decks, and superstructure surfaces, analyze hydrostatics and stability, predict speed vs. horsepower, and track the weight, center of gravity, and cost of the design, all within the comfort of the Rhino environment.

By itself, Rhino3D is already an extremely powerful design tool with an open development platform that allows specialized plug-ins like Orca3D to be added and create a dedicated environment.  Thanks to Orca3D’s specialized marine-specific tools, Rhino3D with Orca3D becomes the most versatile and cost-effective marine design program and environment available.

Orca3D Version 3 offers 3 modules:

1. DESIGN: Includes the Hull Design & Fairing and Basic Hydrostatics & Stability features.

2. ANALYSIS: Includes the Speed/Power feature, the CFD interface, and the Weight & Cost feature.

3. ADVANCED STABILITY: Includes compartmentation and tank modelling, fluid and solid loads, load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability with stability criteria evaluation, and tank tables.

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